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What's Hot - Top Jewellery Trends for 2015

One of the great things about living on this side of the world is that just as our summer starts to tail off, so the Northern Hemisphere starts kicking out its Spring collections and trends for the coming year.

That gives we Kiwis a good excuse to put our minds off impending Autumn and the threat of Winter, by spoiling ourselves in wonderful new jewellery styles and creative new looks.

So here’s our guide to what’s hot for 2015

And the winners are…

With red carpet fashions and jewellery increasingly overshadowing the films during awards season, this year was no different. HollywoodReporter headlined its style coverage with big and bold earrings (or “ear-candy” as they put it) thanks to stars such as Julianne Moore, Marion Cotillard and Kerry Washington. To make a similar statement why don’t you check out our range of Karen Walker earrings such as her Rock Garden Cluster studs or large enamel pansies. Bib-like necklaces and statement cuffs featuring bold coloured gems were also a big hit on the red carpet, check out Scarlet Johansson’s amazing emerald collar necklace. Another trend on the red carpet was men’s jewellery thanks to the likes of Common and Jared Leto sporting man brooches – shop our great collection of edgy and classic men’s jewellery to get the man in your life seriously on trend.

Mix and match

Both Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar went really big on earrings in their coverage of the Spring 2015 catwalks. According to Harper’s Bazaar, the look carries on the Northern Hemisphere’s Autumn trend of single earrings by moving towards bold asymmetry – either by mixing and matching different stones or colours in a similar style or by picking completely different but complimentary designs. Vogue’s coverage also picked out statement earrings in quirky and playful designs and a strong focus on bronze and gold toned jewels. To put together your own asymmetrical earring look, check out Meadowlark’s statement earrings that are available in singles.

Neck and neck

Chokers and layered necklaces were a big look on the runaway - think long chains with swinging pendants paired with bold, eye-catching chokers. There’s also a growing trend of designers looking to the 60s and 70s for chunky, earthy and bohemian inspired pieces, Zoe & Morgan’s Noble Owl necklace is the perfect example of this carefree, retro-boho vibe.

The old and the beautiful

One of the most exciting trends was what Harper’s Bazaar calls “a stylish look `borrowed’ from your Grandma” – this is the best pointer yet to the power of shopping for pre-loved and vintage jewellery. In our vintage collection, you’ll find brooches, rings and pendants which make a real statement – right on trend for 2015’s look.

Engagement and wedding rings

While a timeless diamond solitaire ring is still a popular and elegant choice for an engagement ring, many people are reveling in the new styles and design choices that are out there. Rose gold, coloured stones and unusual diamond cuts are all growing in popularity, here’s our guide to the latest engagement ring trends:

All that glitters is gold

Yellow gold and rose gold engagement rings are increasing in popularity with both Blake Lively and Lauren Conrad pictured wearing engagement rings featuring yellow and rose gold. These warm gold tones give a vintage, romantic and feminine look compared to the clean finish of white gold and platinum. Rose and yellow gold also provide a great contrast to white diamonds, really making your diamonds pop!


A favourite style that continues to grow in popularity is the halo. With a nod to antique jewellery and vintage glamour, a halo ring style is all about sparkle, sparkle, sparkle! The halo and now the double halo are styles that we are set to see more of as our love affair with the halo style grows.

A splash of colour

Both Kate Middleton and Jessica Simpson chose coloured stones over diamonds for their engagement rings and it’s becoming popular to include sapphires, rubies and emeralds in engagement rings. The choice of stone can be used to symbolise something special to the two of you, a birthstone or simply a gemstone that you love. If you can’t resist diamonds then maybe look to coloured diamonds to bring a splash of colour to your engagement ring. While we might not be able to match George Clooney’s bride Amal Alamuddin’s 7ct emerald-cut fancy yellow diamond which cost an estimated $US750,000 – we can certainly embrace yellow, pink or even black diamonds!

A little different….

The round brilliant cut diamond is still the most popular diamond shape however slightly more unusual diamond cuts are now making it onto our wish lists (and fingers!). Angelina Jolie’s engagement ring harkened back to a 70s look with a number of baguette cut diamond tapering down the sides of her emerald cut diamond ring – a trend which has seen other unusual shapes such as marquise and pear cuts coming back into fashion. The delicate rose cut (an antique diamond cut that was used before the round brilliant cut was invented) has seen a resurgence recently as we embrace all things vintage.

More is more

Emily Maynard – who featured in The Bachelorette – chose a stack of diamond bands over the traditional solitaire diamond engagement ring. Bands set with diamonds are usually worn as wedding or eternity rings but stacked together, diamond bands are a beautiful (and sparkly!) alternative to a classic diamond engagement ring.

Completely custom

Craving something a little different? More and more people want to create something utterly unique when it comes to marking a major occasion such as an engagement and there is a growing trend towards custom design. Once you and your partner have done a little research around styles, settings or stones you like, contact us and we’ll help create your dream ring, which marks your special engagement in a totally unique way.

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