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Technology & Testing

Each piece of jewellery made by Walker & Hall undergoes an extensive testing process. An unmatched level of confidence in quality is made possible by a total of 9 sets of expert hands with a combined total of over 100 years experience in the industry.

As a family owned New Zealand business, we will stand behind every piece, now and in the future.

The result of thorough testing and quality control is that when you buy a piece of jewellery from Walker & Hall you can rest assured the gems, metals, and all of its construction is at the highest level possible. Through the combination of technology, our process and expertise at every step, you can trust you will receive the quality you should expect.

At Walker & Hall we are constantly working to ensure we are at the forefront of quality assurance so that we can be proud to put our name on and stand behind every piece. We make continual and significant investments in technology in order to maintain our core goals of 'Integrity, Quality and Service'.

We ensure the accuracy and quality of the precious metal components of our jewellery with an Olympus XRF machine. Our on-site XRF machine identifies and reports on the fineness and purity of any metals present in a given alloy, right down to minor traces, providing surety and accuracy of materials.

Our diamonds are natural and we are proud to confirm this by being the first and currently only owner in New Zealand of the GIA iD100, which in recent independent testing scored a perfect 100% in detecting synthetic diamonds and diamond simulants. This level of expertise has become essential to provide reliable assurances as to the genuine nature and origin of any diamond.

The grading of any non-certified diamonds is ensured to be accurate with GIA facetware technology, so we can provide precise cut grades and weight measurements. The GIA colour master stones allow us to provide accurate colour grading, and one of our two in-house GIA trained gemmologists assesses clarity by international standards.

This item is available by Special Order. Please enquire for pricing and ordering details.