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Start with your why

At Walker & Hall, we love what we do because every day we get to meet people who are looking for something to celebrate their proudest achievements and most cherished relationships. Connecting with people and discovering their story, looking for pieces that share how they feel and shows the emotion of their why. These are the stories we are so blessed to become part of each time someone comes to us. Because your why has become our why, and always brings the joy to what we do.

Your free gift with purchase

Receive a free pair of Sterling Silver Mini Entwined Earrings when you spend $250 or more. Conditions apply.

During times when we may be apart, the Entwined Collection expresses that your connections stay strong, no matter what challenges need to be overcome, you are always supporting each other.

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Limited Edition Christmas Gift Sets

A collection of limited edition gift sets featuring our favourite designs from Walker & Hall, Karen Walker, Boh Runga and Stolen Girlfriends Club.

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Say thank you

For all you have done for us this year
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Recognise you

Because you have been the one to brighten my days
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You are my one

Our love can make it through anything
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Telling our story

To represent a chapter in our lives together
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I want to spoil you

After a year like this you deserve it
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I miss you

We are connected even when we are apart
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Zoe & Morgan Collaboration

Introducing our limited edition Zoe & Morgan X Walker & Hall collaboration. Songbird has been brought to life with carved detail, capturing the swallows/ unique ability to fly with grace. The extended wings of the Swallow in flight is a powerful sign of openness and freedom.

Representing both freedom and loyalty - once paired, the Swallow birds remain together for life. They may travel far from one another, but will always return home safely. Take time and tune into bird song around you, to anchor yourself into the moment. A reminder to slow down and connect with your surroundings.

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Christmas Star 2021

Introducing Merkaba, our Christmas Star for 2021.

The Merkaba star represents the connection between our physical and spiritual beings. Two pyramids intersect reflecting our body, soul and the light we create in the space between them. May this star shine light upon new opportunities and provide us the energy to achieve our dreams.

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One of our favourite things about gifting jewellery is that it says so much more than the sentiment of any holiday or celebration. At first glance, jewellery is beautiful, but the reason it becomes treasured for a lifetime is because each piece embodies the personal stories and connection behind it. By choosing a design we know they will adore, we are really saying 'I understand you'. When we share the symbolism and meaning behind a piece we are saying 'I recognise what is special about you'. When we buy the best quality we can, we are saying 'you deserve it'. We gift jewellery to those we love and appreciate, those who we want to share something truly special with. It is the underlying messages and how we can make others feel that mean the most, and that is what is remembered each and every time they wear it.

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