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The hallmark of quality...
Our signature 1899 Collection features an impressive selection of classic and timeless styles, dramatic contemporary pieces and whimsical vintage-inspired designs.

Our signature 1899 Ring Collection is crafted in high quality metals and features high quality accent diamonds, a design from the 1899 Collection is sure to have the wow factor you've been looking for.

To seek; to find; to leave no stone unturned. Like the huntress goddess Artemis, we are dedicated to the hunt for the most exquisite gems on Earth.

A jewellery recollection. Upcycled, pre-loved precious jewellery embracing a wide selection of design aesthetics.

A style re-imagination.
Discover a rare treasure from your favourite time in history that has been stunningly re-fashioned for you today.

A selection of exceptional quality diamonds of superior purity married with rings of impeccable design.

A beautiful selection of unique vintage diamonds, hand cut by master craftsmen of a bygone era.

Neon represents a carefully curated collection of large diamonds that offer outstanding value to those who seek high impact diamonds.

The only certifiable New Zealand Greenstone.

Our Plus sizing embraces that not all fingers are the same. Ready to try on a more generous fit? You no longer have to imagine what your dream ring will look like on.

The one & only...
Like a snowflake, each design in the Snowflake Collection is unique in its composition and once created another will not be made.

A collection of sparkling pieces perfect for any and every occasion and irresistibly affordable.

The Vault is a look-book of our favourite past designs that have sold. These designs can be recreated especially for you.

Romance of the past. Our Vintage collection features pieces from the Victorian, Art Noveau, Art Deco, Modern, Retro and Contemporary eras.

Western astrology has each of us linked with an element: Earth, Air, Water & Fire. Chemical Romance is a collection of earrings embodying the molecular symbols.

'To thine own self be true.'
In the Victorian language of flowers, Dahlia celebrates grace and inner strength.

Entwined is a collection that begins and ends with a timeless design: two circles, bound by love.

From the Greek goddess of the dawn comes Eos: a collection that stands with strength and grace and looks clearly forward.

Walker & Hall are excited to showcase an exclusive collaboration with renowned illustrator and creative consultant Kelly Thompson.

Introducing Octavia, custom cut eight-sided gemstones resting in eight elegant petals.

As we go through life our experiences etch themselves into our being. Each delicate facet of precious metal represents an experience gained, wisdom earned, growth achieved.

Vault Enquiry

This item is available by Special Order. Please enquire for pricing and ordering details.