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Celebrating Real Love


Both of us being planners and good at organising, we loved putting together our dream wedding. We wanted a fun day filled with laughter and surrounded by all the people we love.

With the beautiful colours and settled weather of Autumn (and a love of wine), a vineyard wedding in May was an easy decision for us. Markovina Vineyard Estate in Kumeu was the perfect setting and we were so lucky to have the most stunning weather and insane sunset on the day.

It was so surreal walking down the aisle in my elegant French lace dress with my exquisite Walker and Hall diamond rings and Akoya pearl bracelet and earrings. Seeing the tears in Ash’s eyes as I walked towards him was a really heartfelt moment for me.

A wedding is usually about the bride, but I wanted to add something special in for Ash also, so I surprised him and his groomsmen with a helicopter trip to the venue and secretly pushed the wedding back half an hour so everyone could see them arrive!!

Playing on our height difference, with Ash being 6’7” and me being 5’3” our celebrant pulled out a stool for me to stand on for our first kiss. We had so many people involved in making it the most perfect day; my Aunty Fiona who did my makeup so flawlessly; our incredible hairdresser Chetan and our friend Sue provided the most stunning flowers. Two of our friends, Micaela and Emily, sang particularly meaningful songs during the ceremony and of course all our special moments and memories to treasure forever were captured by our carefully chosen photographer Tom Hollow.

We couldn’t have wished for anything different; our day was magical and is forever etched in our hearts.


We were married at the French Bay Yacht Club in Titirangi Auckland, 27/09/19.

Central to planning our wedding was ensuring that the day felt like us and that it didn't break the bank. It was important to us that the atmosphere felt relaxed and we wanted the overall look to be simple and elegant.

Being married in Spring meant that we had a huge choice of bright, whimsical flowers, and we were lucky to have a family member in the floristry biz (Greenpoint Florist) to arrange the most stunning bouquets. With the help from my maid of honour (an avid collector) we were able to rustle up a mixture of vintage tableware for the 120 guests, which added to the homespun feel.

Most of the food was by Ripe Deli which included ham on the bone, sides of salmon, and big, beautiful salads. We were grateful to have food stylist Jo Bridgford on the ground to keep the antipasti and buffet looking beautiful throughout. A friend made the most incredible heart shaped, tiered wedding cake, plus there were big trays of tiramisu for dessert. The night concluded with our first dance, a choreographed piece to Dusty Springfield's The Look of Love, and live music from a group of friends that performed covers of some of our favourite songs.


Milly - My most memorable part of the day was when Ed serenaded me with Nick Cave's Into Yours Arms.
Ed - My most memorable part of the day was my first sighting of Milly at the start of our photo session. We did this before the ceremony instead of after. She was fashionably late and I was ultra nervous, so it was lovely to share that moment without being in front of everyone. It made it more intimate.


Photography - Grace Watson


Ranita - I was so nervous before the wedding. My hands were shaking and Luke held my hand throughout the entire ceremony. I couldn’t stop smiling. And crying.

I would sing and play little love songs on the ukulele for Luke every anniversary, and “Grow Old With You” was one of the first ones I did. It is the best song I have done. The procession song was “Stand By Me”. After singing to this song on the radio, Luke followed me around because he “meant it when he said stand by me”.

My Aunty Jeannie made my dress with so much love and attention to detail. Mum, Aunty Jeannie and I picked the fabric together, and it felt perfect. It is the prettiest dress I’ve ever had. The Wedding Party wore dark raspberry, close to the colour that both my Mum married in, and Luke’s Mum’s Bridesmaids wore. I really like this colour and it incorporated our parents wedding nicely.

Luke - I pretended to forget my vows to make Ranita feel more comfortable saying hers (as I knew she was nervous) which caused me to stumble over my words for real.

We took photos on Mt Victoria in Devonport, overlooking Waiheke where I proposed to Ranita. We caught the Devonport Ferry across to Waiheke, and this is where we wanted to get married as it is special to us.

The Milk Bar belonged to my Great Grandfather Leonard on Dad’s side, whom I was named after. The cakes were all baked by our Mums and Aunts, Ranita really loves cake. I made her a chocolate one once for her birthday.

Ranita and I snuck away during the Reception to get some photos of Rangitoto and Fort Takapuna. This wasn’t a planned part, but are some of my favourite photos as it was just the two of us.

Photography - Greg Campbell


We got married in the Waiongana Gardens in New Plymouth which is our hometown.

We kept our guest list relatively small and focused on our family and closest friends. We went for a rustic/garden party theme.

One of our favourite moments was taking photos into the spot where Stu proposed and in Pukekura Park, somewhere we both spent alot of time growing up.

Photography - Natalie Waugh