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At home with...

Walker & Hall are proud to support the best New Zealand jewellery designers and provide a home to come and share in the unique talents, stories and creations of these inspirational kiwis. 

As a part of our 'You are my Home' campaign, we chatted with Boh Runga, Karen Walker, Stolen Girlfriends Club, Meadowlark and Zoe & Morgan, on what home looks and feels like to them and how the idea of home is encapsulated within their collections.

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Designer New Arrivals

The first meeting of Zoe & Morgan and Walker & Hall was not long after Zoe had returned to NZ to live and we were in entranced with the twisted rope and natural feel of their love, hope and forget me knot lasso designs. This curiosity to create texture and special details has made Zoe & Morgan designs stand apart from the beginning and continues to be part of what makes them special today. Finding a niche for statement earrings which are sure to get comments, Zoe & Morgan have captured the ears and hearts of many. The first Z&M x W&H collaboration brought us the stunning Starburst earrings which can be spotted more than once at any Walker & Hall event as they were so popular with our team and customers alike. New designs, stories and imagery are always eagerly awaited – we are inspired by the thought and detail which goes into each piece and the way the meaning and emotion is shared through stunning imagery. The ethos and generosity of this brand is impressive – kind, giving and thoughtful are a few of the values which shine through and make this family business such an honour to work with.

At home with Zoe of Zoe & Morgan

What does home mean to you, what does it look like/feel like?
I have quite a different perspective of home! I grew up with a poem, The world is my cottage ~ Freedom my friend, and this really resonates with me!

My father was a jeweller from Argentina. My mum grew up in England but her mum was Canadian, my first footsteps were taken along a beach in Jamaica. So my sense of home was wherever we were in the world.

Home aesthetics have always been really important to me, even as a young one travelling with no money, I would collect special shells and objects and decorate spaces. With a family now, and a strong mama urge to bring up children with kind hearts and open mind sets, home is our sanctuary. It’s a retreat space, often with a little too much washing piling up on the sofa. Home is in the heart. And our physical home is a beautiful space to create our family values. The child in me is still strong, and I still consider the world my cottage, and freedom my best friend!

Where in Aotearoa do you feel most at home?
In our family home, the objects and artwork tell a story of our lives. I’m a Grey Lynn girl.

What piece of jewellery in your current collection speaks to the idea of home?
Songbird because these styles are hand engraved swallows, and swallows fly free and adventure but always migrate home xxx

Zoe's home inspired pieces


Zoe & Morgan Jewellery

Beautiful Boh. Her original Birdland collection and sought after round box captured New Zealand perfectly and was an easy yes for visitors, travellers, lovers and friends wanting to share a special piece of NZ. Utilising her talents as a songwriter, Boh blesses us with her amazing ability to share meaning and inspiration through special tributes created for each design. Always thoughtfully conceived and unmistakably refined, we are continually astounded by the brilliance this team achieve. An inspirational speaker, Boh has been a favourite at store events, and we are so grateful for the hospitality she has shown our family as well. With an enduring commitment to creating gifts which mean so much to
those who give and receive, we know this designer will continue to bring joy to everyone around her.       

At home with Boh Runga of Boh Runga Jewellery

What does home mean to you, what does it look like/feel like?
I totally feel that 'home' is synonymous with an environment that brings you peace. Humans naturally crave that state, a place of safety for your body and mind. Where your loved ones are is obviously best, but if you are away from them you can also achieve it by surrounding yourself with what makes your heart happy. Greenery, art I find inspiring and the myriad of random things that I've picked up from my travels do that for me. 

Where in Aotearoa do you feel most at home?
Besides my physical home, which is a given, I always smile when I drive from the airport into central Christchurch and get that first glimpse of Hagley Park, the Avon and the gardens. Christchurch is my home town and I have such great memories of that particular space in that city. It's beautiful and I love it very much. 

What piece of jewellery in your current collection speaks to the idea of home?
Many of my designs come from the idea of taking the love of your loved ones and the feelings of home with you wherever you go but if I had to choose one design it would be my Kiwi charm from my very first collection 15 years ago, Birdland. It is simplistic in its depiction of our iconic New Zealand bird, and the Kiwi being wholly unique to us means Home to me. 

Boh Runga's home inspired pieces

Boh Runga Jewellery

The story of Stolen Girlfriends Club and Walker & Hall is that of a classic growing up story. In the beginning, the boys would share their designs inspired by punk studs, guitar picks and roses, and we would provide constructive feedback on jewellery fittings, sizing, and design risks – sometimes taken on, and sometimes not. In that way, perhaps not too much has changed.  We can say for sure that there has been a lot of learning along the way and the ability to push the envelope and craft exciting ideas and experiences will keep their dedicated following coming back for more. From chocolate grenades to the most unbelievable fashion shows -  the SGC brand has always delivered on creativity, style and a rebellious spirit. We have learned that if this team put the word “stolen” on something – it is a hit – and we count ourselves lucky to be part of their club. 

At home with Marc Moore of Stolen Girlfriends Club

What does home mean to you, what does it look like/feel like?
Home to me is where I feel most comfortable It’s where I feel completely myself, and it’s
where I’m happiest. The ocean is one of the places I feel most comfortable, having spent so much time in and around the ocean growing up on the west coast of NZ. For me, the ocean has a balancing effect that makes me feel complete - hard to explain - super magical!

Where in Aotearoa do you feel most at home?
Raglan is one of the places in NZ that I feel most at home. I moved there was I was about 7 or 8 years old and didn’t leave until 20 years later. I think I spent more time in the water surfing than at school!

What piece of jewellery in your current collection speaks to the idea of home?
I think the pieces that touch on my idea of home are the pieces inspired by the ocean. Our latest collection ‘Into The Deep’ features lots of nautical style chains used on the large ships, and we’ve also featured lots of shark tooth and shark-jaw inspired pieces.

SGC's home inspired pieces

Stolen Girlfriends Club Jewellery

We have been on an exciting journey also with Meadowlark husband and wife team, Claire Hammon and Greg Fromont. The early days were marked by the huge success of their signature cocktail rings. With considered design and large coloured natural gemstones, the Protea cocktail ring with onyx or thai garnet was a standout style which resonated with so many. Over time their aesthetic has evolved however Meadowlark have always stuck true to their ethics of equality, responsibility, and respect.

A business with genuine heart, we have seen them make the hard decisions for the right reasons to ensure they are always true to their values. We have loved being part of their quest to tell stories and celebrate connections through beautiful design, and we will always remember the out-of-this-world floral installation they brought along for an in-store event.

At home with Claire Hammon and Greg Fromont of Meadowlark

What does home mean to you, what does it look like/feel like?
Home is wherever we are. For us it looks like being completely comfortable and relaxed, sleeping in all snuggled up in beautiful bedding. Or listening to records and laying in the sun, connecting with friends and feeling like your bucket is full.

Where in Aotearoa do you feel most at home?
Claire: I feel most at home in our house with Greg and our daughter, although I feel especially comfortable in the South Island catching up with old friends without the busyness of Auckland in the background. Wanaka especially give me a grounded sense of calm, and belonging with friends I may not see for many years but it’s like yesterday when I am back with them.

Greg: I do experience some nostalgia when I go back to the North Shore. As you drive in to the East Coast Bays you can see the sea from almost every direction, and this in turn, connects me back to my family who have connection with the sea.

What piece of jewellery in your current collection speaks to the idea of home?
Claire: I think all jewellery you wear each day that becomes a part of you, gives a feeling of home. For me the pieces I wear daily are the Camille stone studs, the Claude rings, the Camille necklace and the Dove & Heart charm necklace. Pieces I never take off and feel incomplete without.

Meadowlark's home inspired pieces

Meadowlark Jewellery

We remember the day of our first NZ designer collection coming into stores, when local favourite and international fashion superstar, Karen Walker, launched her very first fine jewellery collection. Outstanding design transcends the test of time and you will find the first range, nearly 20 years later known as the “Classics” - the runaway girl, bow necklace and moon designs, remain icons which are favourites to this day.

A long standing alliance filled with mutual respect and appreciation, a highlight of this relationship for Walker & Hall is the special story Karen once shared, that her grandmother wore Walker & Hall pearls on her wedding day, and they were being kept safe and ready to be handed down to the fourth generation – an epitome of family treasure.  We are blessed to be part of what this amazing leader and businesswoman has created, and we cannot wait to see what comes next.

At home with Karen Walker of Karen Walker Jewellery

What does home mean to you, what does it look like/feel like?
My family, the canine, the smell of cooking, a pile of books, the smell of linseed oil from my husband’s mini-painting studio.

Where in Aotearoa do you feel most at home?
I always feel at home as long as I have my family with me but if I’m in sight of Auckland’s azure coastline I feel at home.

What piece of jewellery in your current collection speaks to the idea of home?
I’ve been wearing the Lunar Signs collection – choosing my daughter and husband’s signs (pig and rabbit) plus, of course, one for the dog! Also, any of our nautical pieces make me think of home as I’ve always lived minutes from Auckland’s Waitematā and anything to do with it makes me happy.

Karen Walker's home inspired pieces

Karen Walker Jewellery

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