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The Art of Gifting

Gifts are a powerful love language. They honour, celebrate and remember.

To gift from the heart is to enrich it with thought. This year, we hope to inspire opportunities to be personal, to connect with each other through communicating openly and authentically. We want to recognise our blessings and give with a sense of excitement, that feeling you get when you have something meaningful to share.

We believe in giving quality that will endure, symbols which are a reminder of our connection for years to come. We aspire to create memories through acts and stories of kindness and love. By gifting consciously, we can build an experience which lives on and will be passed to the next generation.

We seek to elevate, to gift artfully, so that one moment will become so much more.

This Christmas, to give is to receive

Receive a free pair of Reflections sterling silver earrings worth $110 when you spend $180.


Introducing Sol

The brightest star, the Walker & Hall 2020 Star was designed to celebrate the light, energy and feeling of hope brought each day when the sun rises again. Both ancient and modern cultures recognise the sun as a body of renewal, positivity and unwavering spirit. Though we have experienced challenges we choose to follow the light, look to the future, and share joy with those around us.

May this star shine light upon new opportunities and provide us the energy to achieve our dreams.


Numerology Collection

The power of numbers. Numbers are a universal language, they translate meaning or stand as representations of unique and significant achievements.

Decide what story you want to tell and discover a piece to communicate more through the power of numbers.


Personalised Gifts

Our Personalised Gifts Collection showcases a selection of pieces that can be engraved, feature letters or numbers, astrological signs or birthstones so you can create a truly meaningful and personal gift.


The Sweet Heart Collection

Zoe & Morgan and Walker & Hall collaborate for the second time to launch the Sweet Heart Collection, a three-piece drop to signify our response to 2020. This limited edition collection is available exclusively through Walker & Hall and Zoe & Morgan.



Shop our Featured Collection, a selection of note-worthy pieces that have been hand-picked for you.


Vault Enquiry

This item is available by Special Order. Please enquire for pricing and ordering details.