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A magical melody, a romantic tune, a heartfelt harmony - Aria is your beautifully crafted love song.

Aria sings with romantic features, a delicate bead set diamond halo and milgrain detailing all highlight an elegant emerald cut diamond. As a song written for one, Aria encompasses the unity of two paths combining to become the single way forward.  A reminder to always focus on what is most important, clarity is derived from the linear and open facets which display broad flashes of light.  Intricate milgrain edges and high quality accent diamonds harmonise to elevate this masterpiece.


Our 1899 18ct white gold has an exceptionally high palladium component, being at least 50% of the alloyed metal used, along with no nickel. This high standard of quality results in improved durability and appearance over a longer period of time compared to other white metals, and ensures it is suitable for all skin types.

Rings from our 1899 collection feature solid shanks, which increases their longevity and durability, making them perfect for you to wear everyday and enjoy.

We have full confidence in recommending our 1899 collection for the ring you want to last a lifetime, and through the next.

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This item is available by Special Order. Please enquire for pricing and ordering details.