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Love Stories

But if love is in the air, then change is too. Is romance still alive and well? Has the romantic gesture changed over the years? And if so, what does romance look like today?

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"We clicked instantly"

What is the most powerful symbol of romance?

Personally i think the most powerful symbol of romance is the way someone cares about you. When they look at you with a spark in their eye and can't take their eyes off you. That to me beats all the materialistic things in a relationship.

What would be your dream romantic gesture?

My dream romantic gesture would have to be something to do with travelling. Travelling is my biggest dream and there are so many places that i'd love to visit with my significant other, however, due to his work, it is not possible for us to travel. So for me, my dream romantic gesture would be for him to surprise me with a trip to somewhere we've always wanted to go together for a special occasion. This is because it means he has fully put my dreams first.

Share a love story.

I met my significant other at a part time job. I was working as a bar tender and he as a chef. As cheesy as it sounds, we clicked instantly. We talk and laugh like best friends. He was protective of me from day 1. He wouldn't leave work until I had finished work just incase some customers got a bit difficult with me. When we started seeing each other, everything fell into place. He instantly became my best friend, my go to person for everything. He supported me through uni and got me through everything i struggled with. He was the most supportive person i had in my life and he id it all cause he loves me. This man means the world to me and I'm so glad i took up the job at the bar because without that I wouldn't have met the man i want to spend the rest of my life with.

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