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Love Stories

But if love is in the air, then change is too. Is romance still alive and well? Has the romantic gesture changed over the years? And if so, what does romance look like today?

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"Unconditional love"

What is the most powerful symbol of romance?

Unconditional love

What would be your dream romantic gesture?

Candle lit dinner with flowers :) haven't had that one yet.

Share a love story.

I have come from a life of abuse and bad paths but i met my prince almost three years ago. Now we have been married for a year and a half with our first year of marriage being hell. My long lost friend depression came to visit it came like lightning it had never hit me so hard before. i torn myself down ripped myself a part i was questioning my whole life i was hurting myself. my husband got down about it but he never stopped trying to make me happy reassuring me i was good enough, how proud he was of me, how beautiful i was. he gave me mountains of unconditional love when i couldn't even love myself. i tried so hard to distance myself from him he deserved so much better a more beautiful, loving, WELL person not me but he sat me down one night and said he would never stop fighting. If i did not have him, if i did not have the love that he showed me i don't know where i would be right now. he was the key to my happiness he helped me fight and get better. i am not perfect a year after getting sick i am still working on it but that unconditional love made me stronger it gave me hope and a reason to fight. today be loves me now more than ever and when i look at him i know i am so lucky i could never describe the right words to tell someone who he is or how much he has done for me so my story is summed up in a few words. True unconditional love!!! He is my rock the love of my life!!!

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