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Love Stories

But if love is in the air, then change is too. Is romance still alive and well? Has the romantic gesture changed over the years? And if so, what does romance look like today?

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"My happy ever after"

What is the most powerful symbol of romance?

A smile, nothing says I love you like a smile that was clearly created for you. You know no one else in the whole world will see it but you and there is something so special and so romantic about that. Every time I see my partners smile it gives me warmth, a feeling of protection and an understanding of unconditional love

What would be your dream romantic gesture?

My dream romantic gesture .. going on a spontaneous trip to see and hang out with cute animals .. I am a massive sucker for farm animals .., animals in general and a surprise lets go hang out with some trip would seriously make me so happy. Really anything makes me happy. Even a made bed after an early morning work shift makes me so happy it's always the little things.

Share a love story.
never had amazing relationships with guys. They both ended terribly and completely shattered any confidence or self esteem I ever had. I get dumped and move into a flat and two weeks later a guy moves into my flat who's just been dumped as well. He has a golden retriever. A few months later we are in love a year and a half later we live together with our dog, he tells me I'm beautiful at least once a day and that he loves me consistently. I still smile when he kisses me and get butterflies when I see him. He's my best friend and my soul mate. We never run out of things to say we never get bored of each other either. It's perfect just like a fairy tale he's my happy ever after


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