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Love Stories

Lovesick Moments

What is the most powerful symbol of romance?


What would be your dream romantic gesture?

Rose is a name sentimental to me, being my middle name (after my Nana Rose and my daughter carries the same middle name so anything to do with red roses, 100 red roses sent to me from my partner with a handwritten note from him would be dreamy.

Share a love story.

My love story began in 2009, I was young, aged 19, my partner years and years older than me. I guess you could say, we had and we still have a connection that is unique and filled with lots of love. Our love story had a beginning, (quite a rocky start I must admit) and some were quick to assume that the beginning was actually the end... Fast forward to the next chapter of our love story which was dramatic and full of emotions both happy and sad and the chapters after were amazing and challenging but also, rewarding. Eight years later, my partner and I are still together, we have a beautiful young son and beautiful young daughter and we have so much more. The bond and love my partner and I have for eachother is truly special. We understand it and feel it like, nobody else can and even though, we have had our ups and downs and lovesick moments, our love story is still being written and who knows what the future of our love story has in store for us. All I know is we are the writers of our love story and we are riding this love rollercoaster. Genuine love is rare and our love story is unique and special and not sugar coated. I have my own unique happiness and I love my partner and what we have, I love our children and I love us. Maybe some day, my partner will put a ring on it and make it official, not that I am holding my breath though ;) That'll be another chapter of our 'Les & Bex' love story. For now, we are focused on us and making love not war. Our love story is to be Continued... #lovestory

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