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Love Stories

But if love is in the air, then change is too. Is romance still alive and well? Has the romantic gesture changed over the years? And if so, what does romance look like today?

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"Heartbreaks turning to love"

What is the most powerful symbol of romance?

For me a powerful symbol of romance is the symbol of effort shown through someone's actions. For example how much time, effort they put into the relationship, into things that make you feel special and wanted. This symbol isn't a symbol of an item that may only last a few hours or years but a symbol that is long lasting. The symbol of effort shows you how much you mean and the relationship means to the person showing you this.

What would be your dream romantic gesture?

My dream romantic gesture is to come home and be surprised by a hot bubble bath with candles and rose petals just for me.

Share a love story.

My love story is still continuing to evolve because everyday the love story of my boyfriend and I is growing, developing and becoming stronger. It's a love story of two people who meet at the most unexpected times when we both were going through heart brakes but were there for eachother when we needed someone to lean on. My boyfriend is my best friend, rock and the most genuine person I have ever meet. Someone I know I can count on for many years to come. Therefore our love story is never going to end because we have fallen in love with eachother and are continuing to fall in love with eachother day after day.

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