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Love Stories

But if love is in the air, then change is too. Is romance still alive and well? Has the romantic gesture changed over the years? And if so, what does romance look like today?

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"An experience we would cherish forever"

What is the most powerful symbol of romance?

A burning flame

What would be your dream romantic gesture?

Children free for the night. Then a Bohemian set up under the stars, with blankets, cushions, food, alcohol, amazing music and the sound of the waves crashing near by.

Share a love story.

When I was in labour, about to leave for the birthing clinic, I got 'that feeling' where I knew our daughter was about to be born right there on the bedroom floor. With only me and my lover present, he would unknowingly be the one to deliver our girl. An experience we would cherish for ever. A little later while we were at the hospital, I gave him our Freya to hold while I lay back, my mind processing what the hell just happened (haha). When I looked over at him I was overwhelmed with love. There he was looking beyond exhausted, relieved, happy, shocked and full of love. That was an experience we were humbled and lucky to have had.

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