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Why eternity rings are forever

The actual shape of a ring says “eternity” – and that’s why that never-ending loop has come to signify important milestones in people’s lives. 

Most frequently, an eternity ring is designed with couples in mind, as a way for someone to show their partner how their relationship is meant to last forever. Early versions were relatively simple bands of metal set with stones running either wholly or halfway around the ring – but this has now grown to encompass a whole range of styles, designs and meanings. 

Walker & Hall has a wide range of eternity rings and to get you inspired for what’s right for you, here’s our guide. 

When to buy an eternity ring

As with all jewellery, there aren’t any hard and fast rules – and nothing is more romantic than an unprompted surprise declaration of love – but there are plenty of traditions surrounding gifts when it comes to precious stones and metals. 

If you were to stick to the old-fashioned rules about wedding anniversaries then you’d have to wait until you’d been together 60 years before you buy diamonds but these days very few people stick to the traditional gifts of paper for one year, wood for five years, tin for ten years and china for twenty years. 

Instead, eternity rings make an ideal present to mark any anniversary – be that of a wedding, or first time a couple met, or any other landmark moment in the relationship. 

Many couples choose the first year anniversary as the time to buy an eternity ring. The eternity ring finishes off the trinity of engagement, wedding and eternity rings and marks the fulfillment of a marriage and it is traditionally worn on the same finger as the wedding and engagement rings. 

Equally, an eternity ring is an ideal way to mark a partner’s birthday as it signifies the shared passage of time. 

For some couples, eternity rings are given and worn to signify the birth of a child. In this case, the ring is not tied to the marriage itself. Instead, the unbroken ring demonstrates the “completion” of a family through having a child and the diamonds reflect the eternal continuity of family generations. 

Eternity rings are also a great way to mark the more modern tradition of renewing vows – proving to your partner that you’d marry them all over again. In this case, the eternity ring acts as a second wedding ring. 

The language of eternity rings 

The classic style of an eternity ring is an unbroken band of platinum or yellow or white gold, fully set with diamonds. As well as the unbroken band signifying eternity, the choice of diamonds shows permanence and the enduring power of love. 

You can also choose to have eternity rings third or half set in diamonds (size is vital in the case of fully set rings because alterations are difficult when the entire band is set with stones) or have another stone set alongside the diamonds. 

In the latter case you can choose a stone which reflects a wedding anniversary – for example sapphire for fifth or emerald for 30th – or a birthstone, or by using the traditional language of gemstones: the classic combination of ruby and diamonds spells out “eternal love”. 

There are also more modern interpretations of designs which signify eternity such as a twisted band similar to a Celtic knot or the ouroboros, the symbol of a snake eating its own tail which dates bak to ancient Greece and Indian cultures. 

Sharing eternity together 

An eternity ring doesn’t have to be a surprise on the part of one half of a couple – it can also be a shared and considered gift. 

Because diamond is such a hard and strong material it is also symbolic of the strength and resilience of a relationship – which makes eternity rings the ideal pieces of jewellery for couples to have designed in his-and-her styles. 

The gemstone has long been used to symbolize undying love, fidelity, commitment and devotion – and by choosing a style which suits both sides in a relationship, the couple can create a unique demonstration of their shared love. 

In this case, a couple can create their own rules by customising unique rings which reflect their own tastes and styles, or which are symbolic of specific moments in their relationship. 

To eternity and beyond 

An eternity ring can therefore be used to celebrate either time already spent together or the start of a long family life – in either case, that makes it as important a piece of jewellery as an engagement or wedding ring. 

If you want more inspiration around designs or options for a new diamond eternity ring, find out where your nearest Walker & Hall store is, or simply to get personal advice about how to buy an eternity ring contact us via the website, call 0800 674 255 or message us online.

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