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Walker & Hall: Home of NZ Designer Jewellery

‘You Are My Home’ is a campaign that resonates deeply with the Walker & Hall team and thousands of jewellery lovers around New Zealand.

The concept of home speaks to comfort and a sense of belonging, and to a deep connection with the people or places most special to you. Walker & Hall has called New Zealand home for over 120 years, and our love for this place is entrenched in the way we do business and the jewellery collections we carefully select.

We are proud to support and collaborate with several talented New Zealand jewellery designers. Many of their creations have found a home and a following at Walker & Hall, and we look forward to sharing more insights from each of these inspirational Kiwis over the coming months.

Discover the stunning offerings of the NZ designers within our ‘You Are My Home’ collection:


Solaire Paperclip Necklace

Solaire Paperclip Necklace

Meadowlark is a creative collaboration between founders Clair Hammon and Greg Fromont. Their pieces are coveted for their trend-setting glamour, unorthodox designs and metallic clarity.

Stolen Girlfriends Club

Menace Bracelet

Beautiful Menace Bracelet

Stolen Girlfriends Club creates pop-culture infused, fiercely unique contemporary fine jewellery equally at home on men and women. Their pieces are eye-catching, exciting and memorable.

Zoe & Morgan

Izil Bracelet

Izil Bracelet

Innovative jewellery designers Zoe & Morgan handcraft delicate pieces with intricate detailing and surprising textures. A Zoe & Morgan piece is effortlessly elegant and unique.

Boh Runga

Droplet Hoops

Droplet Hoops

Few designers do charming, whimsical gift pieces as well as Boh Runga. Her collection is beloved by Kiwi women; the next perfect gift for your mother, daughter, friend or partner is probably waiting for you amongst the Boh Runga collection.

Karen Walker

Voyager Spin Ring

Voyager Spin Ring

No New Zealand jewellery collection would be complete without a Karen Walker piece. Her designs are both trendsetting and classic, infused with playful energy, unique motifs and surprising colours.

Stay tuned for our upcoming spotlights on each of our kiwi designers through our NZ Designer Series.

Reach out to our jewellery experts or visit us in store to learn more about our ‘You Are My Home’ campaign.

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