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W&H - Exclusive Jewellery Partner at Paris Georgia Fashion Show

Like very few countries at the moment, New Zealand fashion brand, Paris Georgia, was able to stage a fashion show and afterparty to 300 people last week at Auckland's East Street Hall.

The collection was soft and feminine, largely staying clear of black and dark blue, using pistachio green, butter yellow and cobalt blue worn by friends, DJ's and models of all shapes and sizes. This is part of a new trend for fashion shows to 'do better', not only through the people seen on the runway, but by using more natural fibres such as cotton, silk, silk organza and recycled fabrics. This was a show about togetherness, not exclusivity.

Walker & Hall felt privileged to be part of this historic occasion, as exclusive jewellery partner for Paris Georgia's new '03 Collection'. It was a night to celebrate New Zealand fashion and New Zealand as a whole, after gaining global recognition for the way the country has dealt with the Covid-19 pandemic.

When talk to co-designers, Mitchell Temple and Georgia Cherrie, Cherrie said 'we want to be the go-to for the cool, confident, empowered woman'. Jewellery looks for the show included our Vintage Yellow Gold and Sterling Silver Ball Pendant and a Vintage Sterling Silver Fob Chain. Earrings were simple and refined like the Gold Eos Hoop Earrings (with matching ring) and the Yellow Gold 10mm Studs.

Though most of the jewellery worn was gold or silver, the gem Tanzanite had a role to play too, as earrings and ring set in white gold, looking dynamite against the soft pastels.

Walker & Hall are strong ambassadors for other New Zealand designers as well, including Karen Walker, Meadowlark and Zoe & Morgan to name a few. If you're looking for a meaningful gift, nothing says it quite like jewellery. And, knowing you are supporting local business as well comes with a feel-good factor you don't have with the faceless brand.

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