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Time to Give Valentine Cliché’s the Boot!

Valentine’s was first associated with romantic love in the Middle Ages. Millions around the world celebrate Valentine’s Day by showing appreciation to those they love and adore. A celebration of love it is, a celebration of overpriced flowers and mass produced cards it is not. 

So it’s hardly surprising many of us now choose to simply pass it by due to these commercial clichés. 

Come on people – it is time to add a little imagination and effort to stop this day from being such a non-event! Don’t worry, we won’t have you guessing - here are a few ideas to get you started, with the emphasis on fun and variety: 

Revisit where you had your first date 

Was it disastrous, unexpected or romantic? Relive it and remember why you got together in the first place. Plus, minus the nerves this time it will be even better. 

Have some fun! 

Swim at the beach together; play mini golf followed by cocktails at some new bar; buy your partner a book by their favourite author. All these things say “I know you and I’ve made a bit of an effort thinking about things you enjoy”. 

'All the single ladies' 

Why should Valentine’s Day be just for couples? Get together with your best friends (who you love of course!), enjoy a meal, a few laughs and purchase a treat for yourselves from our large selection of affordable New Zealand designer jewellery – closely followed by patting each other on the back for not dating a moron. Friends, retail therapy and encouragement – PERFECT.  

Food of love 

If you and your partner are foodies, connect by taking the time to prepare a fantastic meal together. Create a beautiful table setting, open a special bottle of wine and use the finest ingredients will all help make it an “occasion” to remember. 

Who has been your rock? 

Think about who has ‘been there’ for you. Do something special for your best friend, your Mum - anyone who has helped you with a significant time in your life is going to make you both feel loved. 

In a nutshell, brownie points can be found in many places and simply sharing some time together signifies sincerity. If you can find something which can turn into a regular occurrence as opposed to a ‘one hit wonder’, it will prove that the little things can often be the big things. 

Happy Valentines! 

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