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Pearls for All Occasions

Pearls offer limitless opportunities with their popularity strongly represented among major fashion houses such as Gucci, Karl Lagerfield, Miu Miu, Karen Walker and Dolce & Gabbana. We can safely say pearls are no longer only worn by ladies who lunch!

Pearls have become an all-occasion accessory, mixing classic with unconventional gusto.

What makes pearls so unique?
Like a good wine, pearls cannot be hurried. Pearls are the naturally occurring gems found in living sea water (mussels and oysters) or freshwater molluscs. Naturally occurring pearls were once found all over the world but as ocean resources have been depleted, pearls are now typically only found in 1 in every 10,000 molluscs making them rarer than ever before. So, it is with great pride Walker & Hall offer a range of freshwater pearls, the classic Akoya pearl and South Sea varieties.

Why do pearls differ in price?
There are six key elements to consider when selecting pearls.

Surface - Because pearls are made naturally they tend to include some minor imperfections. The fewer the imperfections, the greater the price.
Size - Large pearls are usually rare and are priced accordingly.
Colour - This depends on the type of mollusc it grew in and it's surrounding environment.
Shape - Most pearls are irregular in shape, with perfectly round pearls accounting for only a small portion of the market.
Nacre - The thickness of the pearl. The thicker the nacre coating, the more expensive the pearl is.
Lustre - The pearl's distinctive shine.

When are pearls worn?
Pearls were traditionally given to signify certain occasions, but now because they are a major influence in clothing, accessories and everyday jewellery, tradition no longer applies. Here are some examples when pearls are the most 'fitting' of all.

The South Sea pearls are a superb accent to sparkling diamonds in rings and necklaces, while the Akoya pearl is ideal for stud earrings and matching necklace or bracelet. In fact, pearls are traditionally the gem of choice for 30th wedding anniversaries. If you want to buy a statement piece of jewellery for significant wedding anniversaries, pearls are a great gem to build on over the years.

Freshwater pearls are popular as bridesmaid gifts and graduations and Meadowlark have introduced a particularly charming pearl pair suspended from a fanned sterling silver or yellow gold earring. Pearls are also a wonderful 21st birthday gift showing a combination of femininity, classic and on-trend style.

Browse the Walker & Hall pearl collection and make the most of this time-honoured gem.

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