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Leap Year Proposals Balance the Calendar

It all started when we got the vote. Mind you, even before then we were feisty colonial women, setting up a new life in a new land. Drag us from one side of the world to the other with the chance of scurvy – you better believe we have something to say about it!

And as the first country to give women the vote 19th September 1893, New Zealand women were making it quite clear they had something to say and were going to influence their own lives.

Leap Day, on February 29, has been a day of traditions, folklore and su
perstitions ever since leap years were first introduced by Julius Caesar over 2,000 years ago. Probably the most known of these traditions is women proposing to their men on this day.

According to an old Irish legend, St Brigid struck a deal with St Patrick allowing women to propose to men on 29th February in an effort to balance the traditional roles of men and women, just as leap day balances the calendar. Other traditions on this day include ‘Bachelors’ Day’ when a man was expected to pay a penalty if he refused a marriage proposal. Or the Scots who believed being born on this day meant you would be unlucky in love. As colourful these traditions became, love was the common theme.

The majority of 
men’s wedding jewellery is a simple gold or silver wedding band, classic and timeless. But once again New Zealand breaks from tradition with designers Nick Von K, Stolen Girlfriends ClubJames, Huffer and MichaelJohn all offering masculine statement rings.

Chances are, the poor fellow isn’t sure how to go about asking you for your hand in marriage
 and certainly doesn’t want to get it wrong with this feisty woman of his. So this Leap Day, take the situation in hand, do your female ancestors proud, ask him to marry you.

All else fails, threaten him with a penalty - cancelling SKY Sports should get a 






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