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Jewellery Declutter and Care

Chances are, you have done a spot of decluttering over the past few weeks due to Covid19 lockdown.

Typically, we think of cleaning the fridge, throwing out unwanted papers and finishing off some garden chores. But what about less obvious chores – such as your jewellery collection?

Do you have pieces of great sentimental value but are missing a gem or a broken lock from a brooch?  Or perhaps those earrings from 1991 do not work with your wardrobe or lifestyle anymore?

Time for our step by step guide to ridding your drawers of jewellery you no longer want or use. Maybe make space for some lovely new additions too!

Remove it

Lay your entire jewellery collection out on your bed.  Handle and look at every single piece before returning it.  When did you last wear it?  Do you even like it anymore?  Does it evoke emotion?  By asking yourself these tell-tale questions it can help you decide whether it is a piece to cherish or say goodbye.

Clean it

Allow cosmetics and perfumes to dry before putting on your jewellery.  While cooking, cleaning, gardening, swimming/showering and sports all contribute to build-up. 

For a light clean, wipe jewellery with a soft lint free cloth. For a thorough clean, soak it in a diluted solution of dish liquid and warm water for five minutes. Use a soft brush (a soft toothbrush is ideal) to remove any dirt and rinse thoroughly in clean warm water. Dry your jewellery completely using a soft lint-free cloth or a hairdryer.

Store it

To reduce the likelihood of scratches, keep your pieces in separate compartments lined with a soft fabric (cotton or velvet).  Jewellery organisers come in all shapes and sizes, some with necklace compartments.  Alternatively, hang necklaces from a wall organiser to discourage tangling. 

If space allows you can even divide by style. Do you have similar quantities of silver and gold?  Are you a Bohemian girl one day and an Audrey Hepburn the next? Group like with like in a way which makes sense to you. 

TIP: If you have valuable pieces, we recommend taking them into your nearest Walker and Hall store or talk to a Walker and Hall expert for up-to-date insurance valuation.  We also recommend storing your valuable pieces separate from your everyday pieces – somewhere less obvious than in a dresser or wardrobe.  

Repair it

Walker and Hall are experts at taking a pre-loved jewellery piece, giving it some love and care, and turning it into a piece you will want to wear.  Items are cleaned with an ultrasonic cleaner, repaired to their former glory (when possible) or they can be completely redesigned using the same gems and diamonds to create a modern-day piece.

It’s worth remembering that despite diamonds being extremely hard, they are precious and can be damaged, while gold is a relatively soft metal, and a damaged setting can compromise the safety of the stones.  So, if you’re concerned about your jewellery settings, contact us via email or a local store for advice.

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