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Jewellery adds sparkle to every occasion

Say what you want to say

The beauty of precious stones means they have been assigned meaning for tens of thousands of years. And just because you might find it a little hard to share the ancient Arabic belief that an opal could actually make its wearer invisible, doesn’t mean you can’t use a little of that history and mythology to your advantage.

There are some classic and obvious meanings we take for granted such as diamond’s hardness being a symbol of unbreakable love, but why not delve a little deeper – for example ruby was thought, because of its deep red colour, to be associated with desire and have an aphrodisiac effect, whilst aquamarine was thought to ward of seasickness.

Gems have also been associated with birthdays, anniversaries and special events – did you know that as well as birthstones for the 12 months of the year, there are also birthstones for the day of the week when someone was born – this means you can choose a piece of jewellery as a great gift idea which shows real thought and meaning, and which is perfectly suited to who you want to give it to.

The ultimate customised gift

Ok, so cash might be able to be turned into practically anything, but it's a little impersonal when it comes to a gift. Jewellery is able to respond to personality, style and preference – regardless of who you’re give it to.

There are some times when it’s good to go traditional – let’s face it, if you’re getting engaged, then only a ring will do – but for all other occasions there’s an option for you. If you’ve got friends who like something a little different, why not have a look at our vintage collection; young and old relatives – especially those living overseas will always love a great Kiwi designer – especially when it comes with a name like Boh Runga, Karen Walker or Huffer; and we’ve already got selections on our website for gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, graduation, Valentine’s Day, Christenings, bridal gifts and personalised gifts.

Jewellery is a unisex gift which is just as likely to elicit a “wow” from a man as from a woman – and when you think about men, it doesn’t have to just be cufflinks, there’s a heap of cool pendants and rings with a great masculine touch.

Built to last

Although a piece of jewellery might not be worn every single day, often its memory and the occasion stays with someone all the time.

They also stand the test of time to be passed on through the generations as family heirlooms.

You might not like to think that the gift to your loved one, friend or family member is actually an investment, but because jewellery is built to last, that’s exactly what it becomes. By splashing out on a special present you might not just make someone’s day when they open the box, but you might be starting a family tradition that lasts several lifetimes.

A great example of this is a charm bracelet, which can be a stunning gift for someone of any age but which can then be built up over the years with more charms that reflect each stage of a person’s life.

Make an occasion of it

Sometimes the thought isn’t just in the gift, it’s in the giving. And often giving a piece of jewellery can be turned into a very special occasion – the type that lives long in the memory and turns into a story behind the gift. The old Christmas traditions such as burying a ring in a piece of cake, hanging it from a piece of mistletoe or off the Christmas tree, or saving the smallest present of all until the very end to give it added impact, can all still work.

Why not incorporate travel into your gift idea – if you take the recipient to a place that’s special to them, or has specific meaning to the piece of jewellery then that will become part of that gift’s story.

The wow factor

There’s no getting round it, there’s a huge wow factor in giving jewellery. And this doesn’t just stay with the recipient of the gift – the moment when you decide to give jewellery as a gift is often the moment you realise or cement the way you feel about someone. If you decide to give a piece of jewellery as a birthday, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, anniversary or any other special event, chances are that you’ll be thinking a little harder than normal about that event too.

There’s simply nothing better than getting a great response to a present – but when that present changes the way you think too, then that can be a real “wow” moment for you too.


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