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Introducing the Eos Collection

There's a new girl in town.

Actually, the new girl is thousands of years old for she is Eos - Greek goddess of the dawn.  Eos is also linked with love as some ancient stories say Aphrodite cursed her to feel perpetual desire.  But Eos is also the new jewellery collection from Walker and Hall which celebrates the first step and initial leap of faith towards a brighter future.

As dawn signifies the start of a new day, the Eos Collection signifies the start of a new journey and the excitement and adventure that awaits.  So, it’s only fitting the Eos Collection should be launched at the beginning of Spring.   After all, Spring is all about new beginnings, hope and promise.

What new beginnings do you have in your life?  It could be a new job, or a house or a new love.  However, a new outlook or a new positive habit is just as significant, if not more so.  Anything which puts a new spring in your step or a smile on your face is a celebration of life.

Eos jewellery forms simple, light, geometric designs crafted to perfection from top quality sterling silver, make these your go-to pieces for Spring and Summer. The Eos range including pendant, ring, bangle and earrings are all beautifully priced Christmas gifts for all the ladies in your life.  Yes indeed, gift giving just became that much easier!

Browse the exciting Eos Collection now and ask us about our engraving options to make each piece extra special.

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