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Free titanium band with diamond wedding ring purchases

As you enjoy your engagement and prepare for the big wedding day, one major consideration is the wedding rings or bands you will use to signify the official beginning of your marriage. While wedding rings make the day more special and are integral to the wedding ceremony, you will wear them every day for the rest of your life, so it’s important to choose the perfect piece!

Whether you are just starting on your wedding ring journey or you already have the ideal style to complement your engagement ring in mind, the Walker & Hall team have curated a stunning selection of diamond wedding rings to suit all tastes and budgets. You can peruse our full collection of diamond wedding rings here. If the groom is thinking of also wearing a wedding band, we are helping to make your wedding ring set purchasing experience easier; if you purchase a Walker & Hall diamond wedding ring before 22nd March 2022, you will also receive a free titanium wedding band!

Titanium is a much-loved material for mens wedding bands, for good reason. The strength and durability of this metal is as ideal for any man’s lifestyle as it is for signifying the important qualities of a happy marriage. Titanium is hypoallergenic and does not tarnish; fifty years from now your wedding band will look the same as on the special day you first put it on your finger.

By taking advantage of our free titanium band offer, you are saving on the retail price of the band while elevating your wedding experience with two pieces from one of New Zealand’s most reputable wedding jewellers.

Our dedicated Walker & Hall team have made it easy and convenient to organise both rings with one purchase. Most importantly, we are helping you choose two pieces that will signify the importance of your marriage and be treasured for a lifetime.

We have carefully selected three titanium wedding bands for you to choose from:

Classic Titanium Band

This 7mm flat wedding band has a subtle brushed finish with high-polish bevelled edges and a comfort curve to fit the contours of your hand.

Titanium Polished Band

This mens wedding band is slightly curved, polished to a sophisticated high shine, with flat edges. It measures 6mm wide.

Titanium Rounded Band

Simple yet stylish, this titanium wedding band has a rounded shape, a brushed matte finish and subtly polished edges.

What does your perfect wedding ring look like?

Whether you prefer the simple charm of a smaller diamond band, a unique twist band crafted from diamonds and rose gold, or a breathtaking statement ring, we will have a piece in our diamond wedding ring collection that seems absolutely made for you and your special day. All of the gorgeous wedding rings in this collection qualify for the free titanium band with purchase.

This offer is available between January 12th and March 22nd 2022. Learn more and view the T&Cs here. Online and instore purchases of Walker & Hall diamond wedding bands qualify for the free titanium band, so we look forward to seeing or hearing from you, and becoming a part of the journey to your perfect wedding!

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