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What jewellery personality do you have?

Thank goodness we are all different otherwise, we would surely die of boredom! And we each have friends who are nothing like us and yet we love them dearly. This is all well and good but can be dangerous territory to enter if you are choosing the gift of jewellery for someone who isn’t you! 

As luck would have it, most “personalities” fall into one of the following categories. This is particularly helpful when you aren’t sure what to buy your partner, your sister, mother or friend, but still want to give that element of surprise. 

They may think they are just accessorising but items they’ve chosen in the past are excellent clues for others to work out their personality type. 

Fun Loving Bohemian 

You take chances, you like large statement jewellery pieces – especially rings, bangles and necklaces, and you are what is commonly known as a 'free spirit'. Layering jewellery is your thing – why wear one ring when you can wear four? You can be mild to extremely chaotic by nature but your heart is big and there is never a dull moment with you around. 


Colours, styles, mass – you mix it up and what others think of your style really doesn’t come into it. You are confident, outgoing and feel comfortable being the centre of attention. You wouldn’t dream of NOT wearing jewellery as your outfit would feel incomplete to you. 

Classic Beauty 

Simplicity and quality are words which describe you. No flashy oversized pieces but statement jewellery which stands the test of time. You are organised, responsible and don’t like a lot of fuss in your clothes, home or jewellery. Not a large selection of jewellery in your bedroom but a few key ones which are worn all the time. 

Modern Woman 

You may buy a few new accessories each year as you love some new flirty pieces to update your looks such as a wide band cuff, geometric necklace, and stacking rings. However, the basis of your jewellery is your diamond engagement ring or a sentimental piece from a beloved family member. You are busy but energetic and your jewellery needs to work with lots of clothing pieces as you like to look smart and “together” quickly. 

Dedicated Follower of Fashion 

You know what was “in” last year, and the year before and anticipate the latest collections. You are probably loyal to one or two specific designers, whatever they create because you know they won’t let you down. Spending your week's wages on an outfit is standard practice. If you’re lucky enough to have someone dear to you buy a piece which has only just been released, chances are you will already have a perfect outfit or three from the same designer in your closest. 

Vintage Women 

You were born in the wrong era for the life you love happened a long time ago. Perhaps you are an ‘old soul’ returning for another go? Super girly and almost always in a dress or skirt, your jewellery is the same. Wearing vintage lets people know you have a strong sentimental side and new things simply don’t appeal because they have no story to tell. Second-hand stores and antique markets is your go-to for retail therapy. 

Have you worked out which one she is? Start shopping through the online store now for something she is sure to love. 

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