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Diamond Stud Earrings – the little black dress of jewellery

Diamond stud earrings are THE timeless classic of jewellery. Perfect for any occasion, their sparkle suits sneakers, stilettos, and everything in between. Of all the options for diamond jewellery, diamond studs score top marks as the ultimate gift (we can safely say we’ve never had someone wanting to exchange their diamond studs!).


Blossom Diamond Studs

Like all classic jewellery, diamond studs look uncomplicated – it’s part of the secret of effortless style. However, we’ve spent nearly 100 years perfecting the ultimate diamond stud earring. Who was it that said all good things take time?!

The result is our Blossom diamond studs; designed to be the very best in every way.

Maximum sparkle/minimum metal

We’ve focused on making the most of each diamond’s sparkle by letting it shine with minimal metal showing. This means it shows maximum sparkle from all angles - essential in a diamond earring.

Comfort is key

The low profile setting of Blossom studs means the earring floats comfortably on the ear. The result is flattering for all individual earlobe shapes while also allowing for the diamond to sparkle at every angle.

Premium quality diamonds

It goes without saying that each diamond is carefully selected by our GIA gemmologists as diamonds graded the same colour and clarity can vary significantly in price and appearance. This attention to detail ensures you’re receiving the best value diamonds – an important factor in your overall investment.

Double click security

The most common way to lose a stud earring is when the butterfly back becomes loose. Our Blossom studs lock in place using specially made earring posts and butterflies enhanced for hardness and strength - these won’t lose grip over time. 

Listen for the double-click as the butterfly secures the stud in place every time – a sure sign your diamond earring is locked safely in place and unable to fall out.

Explore Blossom Diamond Earring Studs

Because Blossom diamond stud earrings are so versatile, timeless and can be worn with existing jewellery collections, they make the perfect anniversary gift or treat for yourself. These earrings will become the classic in your collection you want to wear most days!



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