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Choosing Coloured Stone Jewellery

If you aren’t already aware, Greenery was crowned Pantone Colour of the Year 2017. This bright yellowy-green is merely the start of the 1970's influences to follow over the next year across the fashion board, from interiors to clothes and into jewellery.

Fashion doesn’t want to take itself too seriously and these bursts of colour offer a more playful side in cocktail rings, engagement rings and necklaces. After all, Pantone’s Greenery instills freshness, optimism, and new beginnings – just like the start of every New Year should be.

New Zealand jewellery designers such as Karen Walker are already known for producing amethyst or smokey quartz ring designs, while Meadowlark gives us statement rings with black diamonds or garnets. Besides, it is no longer unusual to see engagement rings with yellow diamonds, emerald, aquamarine, sapphire, or ruby precious stones either. This year, jewellery is using larger gemstones, moving away from fine chained necklaces and delicate stacking rings.

Some gemstones are most suitable for engagement rings than others due to their hardiness, clarity and the risk of cloudiness. If moving away from a traditional diamond sounds like you, here is an overview of the most popular variations which can stand up to the elements.


Associated with royalty, sapphires are one of the hardest gemstones, making them a very robust engagement ring. They are not heat-sensitive so their brilliant luminescence remains. This gemstone is an excellent choice as a statement engagement ring and at Walker and Hall we also offer pink and yellow sapphires for a ring which is truly unique.


In keeping with the colour of the year, emeralds are hot right now. Yes, they make stunning rings but it is virtually impossible to find an emerald without some flaw. We advise you purchase a well-cut stone to reduce the likelihood of inclusions. Talk to one of our specialised jewellers on how to look after your beautiful emerald so it will always bring you enjoyment.


Garnets may well remind you of your great grandmother and their longevity is a testament to their durability. Regardless of cut, garnets offer a high-quality vintage-style coloured ring.


The amethyst spectrum can run through from virtually translucent right through to an intense vibrant purple. Not quite as hard as diamonds, but then not as expensive either, amethysts are still a good option if you are looking for a romantic ring setting.


Tourmaline is a mineral which is often a mixture of two or three colours, and it is for this reason that their popularity is growing. Customers love that tourmaline offers no two rings the same, so if you have a particular colour you adore, then is more likely to be found in a tourmaline stone.

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