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Add a touch of luxury with W&H jewellery

At this time of the year, it is very tempting to turn into a mumma bear who wants to hibernate all winter long in comfy pants and slippers. But after a while, every woman wants and needs an occasion to dress up and feel fabulous again. An anniversary dinner, taking in a show or a night out with the girls - these are just a few ways to make it happen. Don't think there has to be an 'occasion' as a reason to dress up and wear beautiful jewellery. Here are a list of reasons why being a little glam everyday is all worth the effort:

  • When you look the past you feel the part
  • It approves your mood
  • Life is too short to look like everyone else
  • You never know who you run into!
  • People will notice
  • Think of a reason everyday to feel a little luxurious
  • Looking good gives you confidence and looking confident gains you respect
  • It will spur on others to do the same

Jewellery is a girl's best friend

Not content with just diamonds, jewellery really can be a girl's best friend, going a long way towards making you look and feel your best. It takes people out of the ordinary into the extraordinary. Jewellery is an extension of your personality - it can make you looks like a 1950s Hollywood star, a rock chick, a relaxed bohemian or a confident modern day woman. Earrings, a ring or a necklace which has some versatility can make:

  • Your work wear looks more professional
  • Your evening wear looks more elegant
  • Your casual wear looks more fun

Trends and Advice

Yellow and pink diamonds are the standout diamond colours this year, so if you're going 'all out' on the accessory front, these look spectacular with blues, blacks, prints, florals and pinks.

Karen Walker's Ballistic smokey quartz ring in 9ct yellow gold, is a beautiful stand out ring showing off some great 1970s design and colour elements.

Stay clear of matchy-matchy. You are not a showroom and therefore colours and textures do not need to match perfectly. It's about wearing what you love and creating interest.

Jewellery is also a great way of drawing the eye to parts of your body you like and divert attention away from those areas you want to hide. If you know your body shape, think about how a piece of jewellery will work in with the dress you always get compliments from.

If you are new to accessorising, ask a friend (who you can trust and will speak the truth) to accompany you and visit the nearest Walker & Hall store for ideas. There is jewellery to match every budget and every taste for both men and women.

Must haves for every jewellery box in 2016
  • A classic choker - Very vogue right now, it's no wonder Meadowlark offer some striking ones. Their two-barred heraldic cross is a symbol of bravery and freedom used throughout human history and is hand-crafted in sterling silver. If chokers aren't your style, opt for a long necklace to take the eye downwards and lengthen your neckline.
  • Statement earrings - If you suffer from a lot of black in your wardrobe (like many of us!) statement earrings will brighten your face and make those eyes sparkle.
  • An elegant ring - This might be your engagement ring, a vibrant cocktail ring or a ring passed down through generations that holds special memories.

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