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Why You Should Consider a Winter Wedding

Choosing the perfect engagement ring can feel like the easiest part of the wedding process as couples fight to secure the venue and photographer they want. 

But there is no need to ‘run with the crowd’ to have a spectacular wedding. It’s your day, so make it yours. If you embrace the Winter wedding season it has much to offer those who are engaged. Here are 7 benefits which could be the answer to all your wedding worries, with minimal compromise needed. 


Love a venue which is typically booked out for years in advance? Chances are this very same venue is available from June to September. The same applies to all other service based bookings you make such as photographer, band, and caterers. 


Some of us have a beautiful fair complexion which works perfectly with a romantic rich velvet cloak or an ivory faux fur wrap. Either one will keep you warm during outdoor photos but not take the attention away from your dress while you are warm inside. Plus, there is no need for a tan which tries to give the illusion that you’ve just had 3 weeks in Bali.  


Having a special mid-year event to look forward to gets everyone’s pulses racing. What better way to spend a chilly Winter's afternoon than catching up with good friends, eating hearty Winter fare, wasting away the hours dancing and laughing – all marked by a joyous occasion. Seriously, who doesn’t love a good wedding, whatever the weather? 

Breathtaking Scenery 

We have some of the most outstanding scenery in the world, and locations such as Queenstown and Taranaki have more impressive views during the Winter months than warmer times of the year. Winter also means great lighting for photographs because of light without the strong glare. A good photographer can also work with the background for a moody, artistic shot to achieve a wedding photo which is above the ordinary.  

Reduce Costs 

Weddings don’t come cheap. Even the cheap ones. 

Getting married during the quiet season can give you some great bargaining power as it is based on the supply and demand principle. When anything is more popular (eg: a summer wedding), prices are increased. 

Sharpen up your negotiating skills when booking the photographer, venue, catering, band or DJ, car hire etc. Some may already offer a special Winter rate. 


The summer wedding season can sometimes be a bit like buses – nothing for ages and then they all come at once. 

And if your guest list comes from far and wide, a Winter wedding can improve the chances of everyone being there. But have the same wedding during December through to February and there is a good chance some attendees will be away on holiday or already attending another wedding. 

Winter Sun 

A smaller wedding with close friends and family? If this is more to your liking, perhaps Fiji or Rarotonga offer just what you are looking for. This can eliminate many of the stresses of wedding planning too since almost all of the organising is done for you.  

Most 5 star resorts offer a wedding package which can be customised to suit you and booking several rooms may again give you bargaining power or added benefits. 

With most of the work already organised, a relaxed Pacific style wedding leaves you a lot of time to browse Walker and Hall’s stunning diamond wedding ring collection. 

Worth thinking about isn't it? A Winter wedding is unique, it's memorable, it's inspiring! You just need to browse Pinterest to see thousands of Winter wedding ideas and realise just how beautiful a Winter wedding can be. 

If you are looking for some engagement ring inspiration, there is no better place to start than our extensive ring collection.


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